Final Review Tips


Welcome to PMP Final Review Course!

Please follow steps below :

1. Login your account,

2. Go to Study Coach, and select “PMP Final Review“.

3. You will be redirect to Learning Path page , click on “Enroll Now” Button.


4. Click “Confirm” Button.


5. You have Successfully Enrolled in This Learning Path, Now click on “Start Quiz“.


6. You will be redirect to “Instructions for Taking the Quiz” page. after reading the Instructions carefully, please click on “Start Quiz” Button.

For more information about this Quiz ,Check


7. After passing the Quiz, You can start Review No. 1

8.To move to the next unit, Click on “Next Unit” button.


9. Repeat this scenario for each Unit within the Review,until you reach the last unit.


10. When you finish all units of the Review,and you made sure that you click on “Mark this Unit Complete” button at every unit, now you are one click away from moving to the next step,Scroll down and Click on “Finish This Step“.


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